Google Earth Enterprise and GIS

Companies and governments have large GIS investments so make these investments more useful to all employees - regardless of technical ability - with Google Earth Enterprise.

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Retain legacy GIS systems

Google Earth Enterprise works with the data from various Geographic Information Systems, to provide fast, visualization tools to employees.

Empower GIS analysts

Create interactive maps for all employees to use - freeing up time for GIS analysts to analyze data and complete research instead of creating maps. Google Earth Enterprise allows your technical staff to spend more time on analysis by giving non-technical staff Google Earth as a visualization tool.

Search and share your GIS data

Google Earth Enterprise can connect to your existing GIS systems to create geospatial search functionality within Google Earth. Connect Google Earth Enterprise to the Google Search Appliance for a complete, on-premise geo-search solution.

Blend and fuse imagery

Imagery data is a large investment that takes up a lot of space in its raw state. Google Earth Enterprise takes your raw imagery and delivers it fast in the intuitive Google Earth Client or in a browser like Google Maps.