Google Earth Enterprise on the Go

Empower your users to connect to view your globes through the Android for Google Earth client or let them take a globe with them into environments without internet connectivity.


Google Earth Enterprise on the go

With the Google Earth Enterprise Portable Solution and Google Earth for Android, you can now take your custom globes and maps with you when you are not connected to the Internet, or access them from your mobile device.


With the Google Earth Enterprise Portable solution your users can select and download portions of your private globe which they serve and access locally from their laptop. While with the Google Earth Enterprise App for Android, users view custom globes

Cross platform

The Google Earth Enterprise Portable Server is a light-weight server that is installed on the end users laptops - for Mac, Windows and Linux laptops

In the palm of your hand

The Google Earth Android application allows your users to view the same Google Earth Enterprise globe they view on a desktop, but on an Android phone, allowing them to view their data anywhere they can connect to the internet.

Download the datasheet.